Meet Our Managers

Our team is made up of members from all across the world. We each have different backgrounds with diverse manufacturer training. This equips us to provide servicing and repairs on a huge variety of vehicles.



Glen Sheppard is a joint Director of Bellbowrie Auto Care Pty Ltd trading as ”Ultimate Auto Care” with David Evans. Glen started his trade in New Zealand working on mainly Japanese and European made cars. Glen completed his AutomotiveApprenticeship in 1998. From there he studied Computer Science and Mechanical Engineering in Otago.

In late 2002 Glen made the decision to move to Brisbane. His first job in Australia was running a workshop within the Mobil Service Stations group that David owned. This was a good introduction to working in Australia as he saw a wide variety of manufacturers from around the world.

From here Glen worked for Midas running a number of sites for them. Again seeing a lot of vehicle manufacturers from all over the world.

After a few years of running Midas stores Glen was presented with an opportunity to work with David again, this time as a joint Director of Bellbowrie Auto Care Pty Ltd.

Over the past 10 years “Ultimate Auto Care” has grown to six workshops. Glen would like to see this number expand so that “Ultimate Auto Care” will become an industry leader in the Automotive Repair Business.

Glen and David understand how fast the Automotive Industry is changing. Currently, it’s possibly the fastest moving industry in regards to technology introduction and change. With this understanding Glen and David realise the importance of keeping up to date with equipment and staff knowledge.

Currently they have:

Five of their Automotive Technicians undergoing an Automotive Electrical Apprenticeship.

The latest Diagnostic Software in conjunction with Scan Tool equipment and staff training.

Eighteen staff from all over the world so that “Ultimate Auto Care” is able to repair all European, Japanese, American and Korean vehicles.

It is the vision of both Glen and David that they are active participants and not bystanders in the future of the Automotive Industry.



Bellbowrie Manager

Paul Artis is the workshop manager for our Bellbowrie branch of Ultimate Auto Care.

Another English compatriot having arrived to Australia in 2010, Paul started his Automotive career in 1997 and has achieved qualifications in both the Mechanical and Electrical sides of the trade.

Paul joined the team at Ultimate Auto Care in 2015. Coming from mainly private enterprises he has been exposed to a vast array of vehicle manufactures. He is also well aware of the technology changes that the Automotive Trade is bringing. Staying relevant and up to date with these new technologies keeps him motivated and interested in possibly the fastest changing industry we have seen.



Karana Downs Manager

Carson Barbour is our longest serving senior mechanic,
completing his apprenticeship with us in 2010. Since then
Carson has advanced his career within the business to
become our workshop leader at our Karana Downs
premises. During this time he has delivered exceptional
quality of service resulting in unquestionable loyalty from
his customer base. Carson shows great dedication to the
industry by frequently attending short courses to ensure his
customers are receiving the most current and up-to-date
information and safety checks on their vehicles. Recently
completing his diploma in business management and
leadership, Carson has always excelled at motivating his
team to complete all tasks to the highest of standards to
ensure customer satisfaction with every service provided by
the Karana Downs team.
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